The photo is from the waterfront in Geneva looking west on Sunday evening. The Alps are in the distance.

It is Monday. Good trip here although long; about 21 hours from our house to the hostel in Geneva. Everything worked well and everyone was very helpful. We used public transit to get to YVR and the train to get to the centre in Geneva. We have our own room in a spotless hostel.

Lots of walking today. The vieille ville is lovely. Great to hear French spoken and amazing how everyone here can go from French to German to Italian to English without hesitation. Busy with tourists and we are in the middle of the annual city festival. The city very comfortable and a good place to adapt for a day to the time change.

Tomorrow we are off by ferry to Thonon-les-bains, still on Lake Geneva, but in France.


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  1. Beautiful photo. Hope you enjoyed your one day of flat walking, as the rest will be lots of up and down! Have a grand time. Bill & Gretchen

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