Gold Coast

On Tuesday we took a short ( about 1:20) flight north from Sydney to the Gold Coast where my daughter Sara lives. Its about 100km south of Brisbane. We made it from the airport to Sara’s in our rental car on the “wrong” side of the road with Inge at the wheel. The major problem with a right-hand drive car isn’t driving on the left side of the road, it is remembering that the turn signal and wiper control stalks are reversed. It takes ages to learn not to indicate turns with your wipers.

20121214-161241.jpgRoy and Sara

Wednesday we took the train to Brisbane, walked around in lovely weather, spent quite a bit of time in the two wonderful art galleries, ate a very tasty lunch and took the train back to the Gold Coast. A tough day. 🙂

20121214-161438.jpgPedestrian bridge in downtown Brisbane


20121214-161832.jpgSouth pacific art

Thursday we did a bush walk in Springbrook National Park, but that’s for the next posting.