GR10 Pyrenees day 1, to Olhette

20140723-183848-67128445.jpgJuly 22. A good first day. Mostly sunny, no rain, not too hard (although I am quite tired) and some good views. In places the trail wanders back and forth across the Spanish border; the little town where I had lunch, just on the French side of the border, seemed be as much Spanish as French.

The hills here (not mountains yet, that comes farther inland) get a lot of rain. The trails are muddy and badly eroded in places. It makes for slow walking.

There were goats with bells grazing in the hills as well as something I haven’t seen before, free-range horses with bells.

I’m in a hotel in a very small town tonight and I’ll sleep well. Can’t connect to the WiFI here, so this will be posted later.



20140723-191702-69422820.jpgHorses and Hendaye in background


20140723-191702-69422480.jpgHouse in Hendaye


20140723-191703-69423542.jpgOld oak tree with GR marker

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  1. Roy, I love the hills even with the muddy path, the views, the flowered house but mostly I love that old oak tree – stalwart yet despite being a little the worse for time passing; it stands as a sentinel and a testimony to the circle of life and death!!

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