GR10 Pyrenees day 4, to St. Étienne de Baïgorry

BIRU-WP-16.jpegMy English guidebook describes this stage as “the first really hard day, best done in fine weather.” Mother Nature had a different idea: rain, mist, thunder in the mountains. I decided to walk the roads in the valley with some French hikers I met yesterday. It was a boring wet walk. Now, in the afternoon, the sun is out. I wonder if I made the best choice.

I didn’t see Vincent today, a very experienced French hiker I met yesterday. I wonder if I’ll see him tomorrow and he’ll tell me it was no problem in the mountains and I missed a great walk.

That’s the problem with choice, you never know how much risk to take, especially with something you haven’t done before. If I knew today’s hike, the ridge walk in particular, I could have made a better decision. I’ll never know, although the lightning was probably best avoided.

St. Étienne is a pretty little town. This is Basque country and the people are proud of it. Traditional architecture and hearty Basque cooking abound.

BIRU-WP-11.jpeg Leaving the hotel.

BIRU-WP-12.jpegThe day

BIRU-WP-13.jpegGoats sheltering from rain

BIRU-WP-14.jpegMorning coffee break with the French hikers (beer for a Frenchman)

BIRU-WP-15.jpegOld bridge and small chateau in St. Étienne

BIRU-WP-17.jpegTraditional Basque building with stones exposed on the corners

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  1. Gorgeous country, Roy, rain or no rain. I love the old bridge and small chateau. Would that not be a charming place to vacation?


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