Half Way on the Camino

Yesterday I passed the half-way point kilometer-wise; today the geographical halfway point.

The walking has been good as has the weather. The only rain so far was leaving the town of Burgos a few days ago. It rained steadily for several hours. Fortunately it stopped long before I reached my destination, so I didn’t arrive soaking wet. It did turn the last part of the route into mud, which stuck to my boots and made walking slippery. The last few days the weather continues to improve.  It’s cool In the morning but warms up quickly. If things go according to plan, I’ll arrive in Leon in two days.

Today is a bit of a rest day–only 16km. I booked myself a room and look forward to resting, having my own shower, using a real towel instead of a camp towel, and exploring the town. It doesn’t take much to make a pilgrim happy.

I’m  enjoying the walking and the scenery but most of all the people. You don’t see each other for a few days sometimes, but then you run into each other again and it feels like a big reunion.

My room today is right on the route and for the last few hours I’ve watched pilgrims walk by.

Finally, a big thank-you for all your comments. It’s difficult to respond to all of them but due to the technical limitations, but I do appreciate them!

11 thoughts on “Half Way on the Camino”

  1. Hope you are having an amazing time as you finish the trail. Enjoyed the photos. A couple nights ago we watched the movie “The Way” filmed on the trail — it is neat to think of you in the same spots.

  2. Your photos and notes have sent me to my bookshelf to read again David Whyte’s wonderful book of poetry, Pilgrim. Hope to share them with you when you are back.

  3. Excellent work! Although you make it seem like it’s not really work at all…

  4. Now you’ve both passed your halfway points! 🙂 It is great to read both your and Roy’s posts and the pictures are wonderful! I feel like I’m there with you for a moment 🙂 Happy trails!

  5. Coongratulations on the half way mark. Your photos make me nostalgic for Europe and the country side. However, I don’t think I ever considered doing it on foot.

    I’ve had lovely emails from Emilie and Jorgen which are much appreciated and I must soon answer.

    Sounds like a great time all in all.

  6. It is so great to see your photos and share your pilgrims progress! What is the food like?
    We have sympatico cloud cover in Vancouver this week…..

  7. Leon is fantastic and worth exploring. Greg and I stayed in the historic Paradore there, which was amazing.
    Photos are super too. Stay well.

  8. You must be very happy to be halfway to your destination. Hope the weather will be good for the remainder of your trip. Thanks for the lovely photos.

  9. You sound so ‘at peace’ and enjoying the experience Inge – Nice. Thanks for the photos and updates…….

  10. Wow. That looks beautifully green, and nothing like September!

    Congrats on your first half and please keep writing. 🙂

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