Beach at Hendaye, start of the GR10

A grande randonnée is French for a long hike. France has about 60,000km of marked and documented long distance hiking trails each identified with a number. In 2011 we walked the GR5 through the Alps from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean.

This year I’m walking about half of the GR10, a trail through the Pyrenees mountains just on the French side of the Spanish border. It starts in Hendaye on the Atlantic coast and ends at the Mediterranean. The full hike is about 50 days. I’m doing the first 23 days, although I’m making it 24 days to break a crazy 9 hour day into two more manageable distances.

Today I took the train here from Paris; tomorrow I’ll begin the hike.

Hendaye is a lovely little beach resort town. The weather is mixed and there will probably be rain in the mountains. It was sunny and warm on the beach this evening.

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  1. Hi Roy

    We really enjoy all your very fine photos and comments. One never tires of France. So wonderful

    M and M

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