In Europe

We arrived at Schipol Airport on Saturday. The passport control officer asked me only one question: “Why are you here?” I thought “Wow. The Dutch ask the big questions. I’m still trying to answer that one.” But I quickly realized she wanted to know the purpose of my visit. I replied “Vacation.” She stamped my passport and wished me a pleasant stay.

We had planned to cycle the 60km to The Hague, but the wind was blowing at 50kmph from the southwest, the landing was exciting, the plane shook while sitting at the jetway, and it probably would have taken six hours to get there. We were grateful for a ride from our friends Cora and Gerard.

Sunday we came by train to Deventer to see family. The weather is warm and sunny. Tuesday we’ll head back to The Hague and Wednesday we’ll start cycling.

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  1. So glad to be on the trail with you two again. Looking forward to your adventures and photos. Have a terrific “vacation!”


  2. Best wishes on another great adventure. Arlene and I leave on Friday, but we’re cruising and then walking. No bikes.
    P.S. The Victoria Camera Club now has 280 members. It’s the second largest camera club in Canada. There were 450 entries in the end of year competition. Quite a change from when we were both in it, and it had 50 members. It’s all these darn retirees.

  3. Hope you have a great trip guys! (and discover the meaning of life too 🙂


  4. Bon Voyage guys! Hope you find the answers to all the big questions in life on the ride, plenty of time to think Vacation is probably a good answer to most of them. Cheers, Mike

  5. Too bad the wind was blowing in the wrong direction. You could have made it there in mere minutes!

    • That was what we were hoping for, but unfortunately not. We had a bouncy landing and the plane rocked while parked at the gate, so at least we felt we had made the right decision.

    • Gelukkig stonden vrienden gereed met autos waar de fietsen in konden! Woensdag begint het ‘voor het echie’.

  6. Your custom officer’s question could be the great start of a delightful novel. There are so many options as to where you could begin.

    • It sure beats “It was a dark and stormy night.” In fact, if you don’t use the line, I just might have to incorporate it into something of my own! Hope your whole trip is just as interesting and fun. Cheers!

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