Les Contamines

Thursday August 18
Day 9: Les Houches to les Contamines

The photo is Inge cooling her feet in a stream that is snow melt from Mt Blanc.

Another sunny day and a shorter hike than the last few days. We arrived at 3 pm to jump into an unexpected swimming pool at our hotel. Good.

This morning we climbed 600m from les Houches to the col de Voza where we crossed a narrow-gauge tram track that runs all the way from where we started. We had coffee at the little café by the track. But the train that came by was crowded–tourists wanting a good view and day hikers wanting a quick start to the day. Better to hike. 😉

This portion of the GR5 shares the route with the Tour of Mt Blanc hike. Busier than previous days but good see more long-distance hikers on the trail.

We still have Mt Blanc towering above us.Can’t get accustomed to looking up an seeing glaciers; that is something we see at home, not in France.

Inge has figured out why there are no bears in France. It is because they are afraid of the cows and sheep wearing bear bells.