New Zealand day 23, ready for the Tongariro Circuit

Tuesday January 21, Turangi

A long, wet trip today from Auckland on the budget Naked Bus. (“Stripping the cost of travel” is their slogan). We have a motel room in Turangi for the night and tomorrow we start the Tongariro Circuit from the Mangatepopo road end. It’s a three-day, two-night walk in an active volcanic area. We will finish at Whakapapa Village. Links: info about the walk with a good video1, map and profile.

Our original plan was to walk the Tongariro crossing today (a one day walk) with our friends Mike, Dita and Vaughn, then do the circuit on our own starting tomorrow. However, today was very wet and misty so we scrapped the crossing walk. We can’t change our dates to walk the circuit as the huts must be booked well in advance. The weather should be better tomorrow and continue to improve over the next two days. Friday may even be sunny.

More in a few days, after the hike.

  1. The Great Walks Site has short videos for all the NZ great walks. Have a look!


2 thoughts on “New Zealand day 23, ready for the Tongariro Circuit”

  1. Wow, I just watched the video for the Tongariro Circuit – what a spectacular trek that will be, complete with emerald lakes, snow-capped peaks, volcanic alpine meadows, and sparkling waterfalls. Eye candy all around.

    As usual, I’m loving your posts. Keep them coming. They brighten my day as I continue my job search – mostly on-line right now.


  2. You faithful posting is an inspiration! I am enjoying your visit and all the glorious photos even though I don’t comment very often. Thanks for sharing the trip.

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