New Zealand days 2 to 6

Tuesday December 31 to Saturday January 4

It has been a quiet fun week with Mike and Liz.

We ended 2013 with a good New Year's Eve dinner in an excellent Auckland restaurant with Mike and Liz, spent a quiet New Year's Day in Auckland, and the remainder of the week north of Auckland with Reg and Sally, Liz's brother-in-law and sister, at their holiday house on the west coast. Low key and relaxing. Good food and wine, some walks, lots of conversation. Here are some photos:

4 thoughts on “New Zealand days 2 to 6”

  1. Hi Roy & Inge, Absolutely love your trip blogs. Enjoyed the “Slow Walkers” sign with the snail and are anxious to see a photo of “Gertie” the wooden bird. We bought a fearsome Tubilaq whale bone carving in Greenland that we named Daddy Long Legs. He was so delicate and carefully wrapped that we dared not show him to Roger & Katie in SFO enroute back. They saw him at Christmas when they were here in Honolulu for a week with fabulous hiking, beaching, etc. with average temps of 80F. Bill asks what camera you are using Roy. He noticed it seemed compact but takes lovely pictures! Apologies we fell behind during the holidays and just did a major catch up of all your news.

    Please give our regards to Liz and Mike. Nice to see photos of you all in NZ. We met them in YVR at a patio party you had during one of our visits. Happy New Year to all and thanks for your super dialogue and beautiful photos on your blogs.
    Aloha, Bill and Gretchen

    • Bill, I’m using two small cameras: a Sony NEX6 (electronic viewfinder, interchangeable lenses, APSC size sensor) and a Sony RX100 (smaller, no viewfinder, point and shoot). Both are great cameras and much smaller than a DSLR. You probably saw the NEX6 in the photo.

  2. Okay – that’s it; I am officially saving up for a little pup tent so I can live forever on the holiday home inlet waiting for those perfect sunsets.


    • Better watch out for Rizzo! Lovely dog but a Jack Russell must defend the house from strangers.

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