Reading foreign language websites

We are planning trips for later this year. I’m reading websites in French and Spanish. My French is rusty and my Spanish is limited. Sometimes I’d like to magically translate the whole web page, or even better, the whole website, to my language. At the risk of everyone telling me “Didn’t you already know that?”, … more

Rhône Cycle Route – 3

We are in Saint Gilles at the end of our Rhône River ride. From Avignon we rode South to Arles, then continued South into the Camargue (the large delta where the Rhône flows into the Mediterranean Sea). We spent two nights in the Camargue in the small town of Salin de Giraud, then did a … more

Rhône Cycle Route – 2

Reaching southern France We have had a good 12 days of riding along the Rhône route. The terrain has leveled out since our big descent on the first day from the Furka Pass, but still offers the occasional climb. Cycling through the Valais valley in Switzerland was delightful—good roads, good signage, good weather, and beautiful … more

Rhône Cycle Route 1

We are on day two of the Rhône Cycle Route, riding from the source of the Rhône in Switzerland to the Camargue in Southern France where the Rhône flows in to the Mediterranean Sea. The Swiss portion is Swiss Cycle Route 1, the full route through Switzerland and France is the EuroVelo Route 17: On Tuesday … more