Off to Australia and New Zealand

It is wet, dark and dreary here, but we are leaving tomorrow night to spend the rest of December in Australia followed by a week in New Zealand. No big plans, just visiting and enjoying the sunshine. Inge has a conference for the first few days in Sydney, then we fly to the Gold Coast to see my daughter Sara and to visit the Brisbane area. Next, back to Sydney where we pick up a car and drive to Melbourne. Dec 30 we fly from Melbourne to Auckland to visit our friends Mike and Liz.

I will do a little blogging while we are there so watch this space. I’ll be using new tools: an iPad mini to write the blog and a Sony RX100 for photos. It should make a compact combo.

Enjoy reading.

2 thoughts on “Off to Australia and New Zealand”

  1. Roy and Inge,
    Oh my gosh, Australia and New Zealand. How wonderful is that!! I have a little Vancouver weather icon on my desk top, and yes, I see it’s been gray and rainy. Such a great time to zip off to Australia.

    I have an icon for Brisbane too and it’s +27 and sunny as I write this. Inge, the reason I have an icon for Brisbane is because Al (my neighbour) and his girlfriend Shirley are there as we speak. Shirley’s daughter lives there and Al and Shirley have gone down for the winter. I have just received pictures from them this morning. Should you feel like you might want to say hi when you’re in Brisbane, their email address is:

    Your blog is a great way to keep in touch while you’re away. Please do, and send pictures too!. Would adore hearing from you.

    It’s been snowing here for the last three days and it’s chilly (-21!). Enjoy beautiful Australia and the heat.

    • -21!! I hope you have some sunshine with the snow. I understand it was 40 and humid in Sydney earlier this week. What a contrast.

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