Off to Europe


We are  at YVR waiting to board our flight to Amsterdam.
Inge will spend a few days in the Netherlands, then begin walking the Camino Francés across Spain to Santiago.

I’m off to Italy, first a week of language school in Bologna, then also walking a pilgrimage route, from Florence to Rome.

Watch this space for blog posts over the next few weeks.

9 thoughts on “Off to Europe”

  1. Happy travels for you both!! Great to hear more about your adventures this way. Have a great time!!

  2. It looks like a beautiful blue sky in Vancouver. Hope your flight is/was fabulous and that your trekking is all you hope it will be for each of you. Glad to be on your trail again.


  3. Nice of you to keep us in the loop, thank you. Have a wonderful and safe trip both of you. Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to see you next time you come to victoria. Cheers!
    Thad and Tina

  4. Spectacular!
    have a wonderful time both of you
    Safe and Happy trails!
    xoxo Sandra

  5. We went out to front yard to wave you off but we must have missed you….bon voyage!

    Barb & Dennis

  6. Have a wonderful holiday and I hope you have good weather for walking. I am looking forward to your pictures and posts.⛰??

  7. very pleased to be following you both! and very pleased to see you a bit later, when summer gets to Vancouver!

  8. Sounds like fun.
    We’re off to Amsterdam May 5th, followed by Bruges, followed by a weeks walking in the Loire Valley, followed by a few days in Paris, followed by home.
    Hope we’ll get together after all the travels are done.

    Dave & Jen

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