On the road to Paris

We are just outside Paris, in the first week of a six-week cycling trip, mostly in France.

We arrived in the Netherlands on July 15, spent a day in Amsterdam, then a few days in Deventer with family. We celebrated the 60th birthday of Inge’s bother Melle with a family dinner and we met Isadora, Inge’s two-week old great niece.

Now we’re on the road, cycling to Paris and beyond. We set out a week ago, taking the train to Maastricht in the southeast corner of the Netherlands, then riding the short 30 km to Liège Belgium. The next day we picked up the Eurovelo 3 route, following rivers and canals west across the southern part of Belgium and into France.

It wasn’t quite the ride we imagined. The weather was mixed, ranging from wonderful sun to a torrential thunderstorm and days of drizzle. And the south of Belgium, once busy with coal mining and steel making, is now home to wastelands of abandoned industry with high unemployment and poverty. Bike touring, like walking, gives you an insight into how things are; you don’t get off the bus or the autoroute in only the pretty spots; you see it all.

From Paris we’ll take the train to the Atlantic coast, then ride east on the French part of the Eurovelo 6 route across France, then north to the Netherlands.

We are riding new Dutch touring bikes. The Dutch make probably the best touring bikes in the world. After thinking about it for two years, we rented Santos bikes for a five day tour when we were in the Netherlands in April and we decided to order them. We picked them up July 15 and they are a joy.

12 thoughts on “On the road to Paris”

  1. Hi!
    Glad to hear you are on the road and that you love your new bikes!Love the photos!
    Safe travels.
    Barb& Dennis

  2. Your ambition, words and pictures inspire. Already looking forward to your next installment.

  3. Hi Inge and Roy! So good to be travelling with you again. Your new bikes look wonderful and so do the two of you! Enjoy your travels and I look forward to reading about your adventures.

  4. Hi Inge,

    Thanks for sharing your travel blog with me. It looks absolutely amazing. Are you finding your essential oils useful? Can’t wait to see more of your adventures here.



  5. Thanks for sharing!!!
    We still have not made it to cycle other than every day when we are visiting Holland and commute to family and friends
    Enjoy!!! And keep posting!

  6. Looking forward to the next posts.
    Hopefully the weather will be kinder to you.

  7. Yay! You are on the road! I’ve been anxiously waiting for.your trip to begin.

  8. Happy touring. I will look forward to starting my day with your wonderful pictures. ??
    Best wishes to you.

  9. Great to follow your adventures again.
    Lisa and I cycled Normandy to Angers then to Blois years ago and planning the Euro Velo 6 again soon so looking forward to hearing all about it.
    The new bikes look fab. Love the rear wheel lock!
    Safe travels.

  10. So lovely to be getting your travel posts. Thank you for both the photos and your notes.

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