We are off for a walk in Scotland in April. Here’s a screenshot from my phone of the route. We are both walking the North Highland Way, the Great Glen Way and the Speyside Way in Scotland, then I’ll walk the Offa’s Dyke trail in Wales

I’ll post on the way and more later.

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  1. So Scotland is finally on the horizon for you two adventurers. Wonderful. Again, I look forward to travelling with you through your stories and photos. Keep safe, have glorious fun.

  2. Looking forward to lovely photos of your trip. Have a safe and wonderful journey.

  3. Hello !!!!! both of you. I’m the french man met in Vanoise two years ago. I also like Scotland and have been on top of Ben Nevis once and i also nearly went to Fingal’s cave but the bad weather prevented it. Fortunately Mendelsohn could land there and was inspired for his musical work. I too will wait for your Scottish adventures then.
    Take care hope Inge is allright now.


  4. I can’t wait to see the pics and read the stories! I am especially curious about the Inverness area since it has been really popular with the Outlander TV series. Miss you two:)

  5. looking forward to following your walks… we are off ti Ireland in a couple of weeks where our walks will be much-much shorter…. we will visit with Kaye’s Irish cousins who are like family to us too!

  6. Looks like a wonderful series of walks and I’m sure the hospitality along the way will be wonderful too. A couple of days ago Ed Way and a friend arrived in Scotland to lead a tour of Americans interested in all aspects of wool and knitting . Ed has Scottish heritage but I don’t think he knows much about knitting 🙂 Pretty sure I’d rather do your trip! Have a great time and keep posting !!
    Mike & Liz

  7. Can’t wait to wake up to pictures of Scotland. Travel safely and avoid broken bones this year.?‍♀️??‍♂️??

  8. We can’t wait to read about your Scottish adventures…………Stay safe. Cheers, Katie & Malcolm

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