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2022 GR65 France—A pilgrimage walk from Le Puy en Velay in France, about 100 km southwest of Lyon, to St. Jean Pied de Port.

2019 and 2021 Caminos del Norte and Primitivo—Roy’s walk on the two Northern caminos, begun in 2019 and finished in 2021.

2019 GR5 France—Roy and Inge’s five week hike through the French Alps from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean Sea via the GR5 and GR52. A repeat of our 2011 walk with some route variations.

2018 Offa’s Dyke—Roy’s walk along a path that follows the border between Wales and England

2018 West Highland Way, Great Glen Way, Speyside Way—three walks in Scotland

2016 The Vanoise, France—Roy and Inge’s walk in the Parc National de la Vanoise

2016 Camino Frances, Spain—Inge’s walk from St. Jean Pied de Porte in France, across Spain to Santiago and on to Finisterre

2016 Via di Francesco, Italy—Roy’s walk from Florence to Assisi and on to Rome.

2014 GR10, France—Roy’s 24 day hike through the French Pyrenees from Hendaye on the Atlantic coast to Luchon, about half way to the Mediterranean.

2013-14 New Zealand—vising friends and “tramping”  three of New Zealand’s Great Walks: the Kepler Track, the Routeburn Track, and the Tongariro Circuit.

2012 Coast to Coast, England—a walk across the UK through three National Parks: The Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors.

2012 Queyras, France—an 11 day hike on the GR58 in the central French Alps.

2012 Dolomites, Italy—nine days hiking the Alta Via 1 in Northern Italy.

2011 GR5, France—a five week hike through the French Alps from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean Sea. We wrote this when it was harder to post photos to the blog.


2018 Strasbourg, France to Arnhem, the Netherlands

2018 The Rhône Cycle Route—from the source of the Rhône in Switzerland to the Camargue in Southern France where the Rhône flows in to the Mediterranean Sea.

2018 Crossing France on the EV6 route—from the Atlantic Coast of France to Basel Switzerland.

2015 The North Sea Cycle Route—a three-month 5000 km ride around the North Sea taking us through eight countries.

2013 Vienna to the Netherlands—a ride along three rivers (the Danube, the Neckar and the Rhine) from Vienna, Austria to Deventer, the Netherlands. A trip log (daily stages and distances) is here.

2013 Turkey to Vienna—a ride Roy did in Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia and Austria, ending in Vienna where he joined Inge to ride to the Netherlands.

2004-5 New Zealand—two months of cycling and sightseeing in the North and South islands. A trip log (daily stages and distances) is here.

Other Travel

2013 Australia—Visiting friends and sightseeing. Then on to New Zealand to do some “tramping” (see the walking trips above).

2012-13 Australia and New Zealand