Queyras days 5 and 6

Day 5 (Aug 13) St.-Véran to Refuge Agnet

Good day with good weather and some good alpine walking. There was thunder and lightning last night, but no rain. We took the optional higher route out of St.-Véran. This involved a bit of early climbing, but then took us along an old canal route for easy level walking and good views of the valley. Once again, our way was briefly blocked by sheep. Lots of marmots whistling up and down the grassy slopes. A long but not too steep climb to the col. At 2880m this is the highest we have walked in the Alps. The 300m descent to the refuge across a large rock and scree slope was surprisingly easy. The guide book cautions that it is steep and it would certainly be difficult in wet weather, but the trail is good. Some low cloud hanging about the pass and the descent. The refuge is big, busy and noisy. We have a cozy two-person loft in one of the dorm rooms which gives us a little bit of privacy.

Day 6 (Aug 14) Ref Agnet to Ref la Monta

Good weather again. A short easy climb from the refuge to a col at 2800m then a descent to our refuge in the tiny hamlet of la Monta at 1663m. The refuge is small, quiet and friendly. On the way we walked by two beautiful alpine lakes and since it was a short day, we sat for a while to enjoy the alpine. The refuge has the most marvellous of amenities: a washing machine. Our clothes are drying in the sunny windy weather. We have internet access here but only if you sit in the right place; the thick stone walls of this old building block the signal from going far.

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  1. We’re really enjoying the photos and the dialogue… you are seeing some beautiful places – hope you are both enjoying the walking and climbing this trip!

  2. Thanks for the posts and the photos. I’ve shared the blog with another friend who loves to hike and walk and is planning a long holiday next year. I think she’ll be inspired. Her name is Debra, just in case she leaves a comment for you. : )

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