Santiago de Compostela (and a change in plans)

Thursday, Santiago
Thursday, Santiago

Inge arrived in Santiago on Tuesday, May 31, the end of a 775 km walk across Spain. Wednesday was a day off, enjoying the sunshine with the friends she made on the walk.

I’ve been in Rome, Lucca, and Florence. After looking more closely into walking the Apennines, it became clear that it wasn’t going to work—many of the places I hoped to stay are not yet open for the season and alteratives involve a lot of bus travel. After some discussion I changed my plans and arrived in Santiago on a Ryanair flight from Milan late Wednesday evening.

Today we set off together to do the encore to Inge’s Camino walk—the 115 km walk to Muxia and Finisterre on the Atalntic Coast.

16 thoughts on “Santiago de Compostela (and a change in plans)”

  1. You warmed our hearts when we saw the picture of the two of you!
    Enjoy the rest of your journey together……….

  2. There’s a David Whyte poem about arriving at Finisterre that’s lovely. Hope your walk is lovely.

  3. lovely – I like that it’s an “encore.” We are off to beautiful BC today – will be thinking of you both…. expect we’ll be walking a bit too… smile.

  4. You both look so pleased to be together again. A lovely pix.
    Enjoy sharing the last kilometres ….you’ll have lots to talk about!

  5. Love the picture. Happy walking together and I, also, look forward to your photos and stories.


  6. That’s a Nice change. You two look very happy to be Together. Enjoy xx

  7. Well now! See, that is the perfectly romantic saga promised in the pictures. xoxo

  8. gefeliciteerd Inge.
    Gezellig de laatste km samen lopen.
    Did you walk this part once before Roy or is it new to you too?

  9. Great that it worked out you are able to get together for this walk. I really liked the Finnisterre bit. Randy

  10. Good to be together again! You are certainly having an active retirement while the rest of us are complaining about our lack of energy. What a wonderful way to experience the best Europe. I look forward to the photos and the stories when you return.


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