Some gear notes, Europe 2013

I hope I don’t ruin my luck by mentioning this: so far no punctures! I am using Continental Touring Plus 32 mm tires, new at the start of the trip. The puncture-resistant layer works yet they aren’t too heavy and ride well. Likewise, the wheels are have remained true in spite of rough pavement and potholes. Running the tires at the recommended 70 psi gives a comfortable ride and probably helps the rims. I recommend the Conti tires.

With rough pavement, a few things on the bike need occasional tightening and the headset needed adjustment, but no problems.

Blogging and ebooks
The iPad mini is terrific. I also have a small Logitech keyboard that fits as a cover and functions as a stand. My fingers are now accustomed to the keyboard. The combination gets attention when I use it in a café. Everyone thinks its a cool package. It isn’t quite as convenient as a laptop for blogging, the workflow is a bit clunky, but the savings in weight and size compensate. As I learn ways around the limitations of an iPad, the more I like it. I will not take a laptop computer travelling again if I’m going lightweight. I have even managed to do some website work for the hiking club while on the road; some things I didn’t think possible with iPad turn out to be not too hard.

It is also a good ebook reader, just the right size and not too heavy. I read when travelling but no longer carry paper novels. I have ebook travel guides for the counties I visit. I prefer paper books at home, but on the road I’m an ebook convert.

As claimed, the iPad gets ten hours battery life from a charge and it is more rugged than a laptop. Seems to be all I need.

2 thoughts on “Some gear notes, Europe 2013”

  1. OK, I get it, you’re waiting for Inge to arrive before getting any punctures, you probably reckon that all people from Holland must be wizards in bicycle repair.

    When Apple came out with the iPad mini I thought they’ve gone mad, but by accident I own one now – after my brand new iPad 3 retina was stolen, I just didn’t have the funds, so settled for the cheapest mini- and I love it. Unbelievable what a feature size and weight are. If I see people dragging along a normal iPad, I get the same feeling of pity as when I see people working “normal” Windows laptops.

  2. Good to hear that Conti tires hold up so well under difficult conditions. Also, to learn that the iPad mini is such a useful communication tool.
    Mahalo for the tips, Bill A

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