Speyside Way

Today we completed day 4 of our Speyside Way walk. We have two more days to go and then our walking in Scotland will be over. It is going by quickly.

Like the Great Glen Way, the Speyside Way is an easy six-day, (mostly) flat walk, that will take us to the town of Buckie on the North Sea coast. The average daily distance about 20 km.

After a 45 minute train ride from Inverness to Aviemore last Thursday, and a quick stop at an outdoors store where Roy was finally able to buy replacement tips for his poles, we set off.

The route takes us more or less along the Spey river and often follows old rail lines. Many railways were decommissioned in the early ‘60s, rails removed and stations abandoned. Since then, and I assume with tourism on the rise, some have been converted to walking routes, and some of the old station platforms or buildings have been restored. In some places, such as the line from Aviemore to Boat-of-Garten, the railways have been restored and historic steam trains operate as tourist attractions several times a week.

We are enjoying the walking and feel lucky with the weather—cloudy with sun and only the very occasional shower, most of which only last about 5 minutes. Much better than I had expected in Scotland in April.

Below are some pictures from the last few days.

Endless landscapes full of sheep

An odd grumpy Scottish walker in a kilt
Fishing in the Spey

Scissors gate
Whisky country

Old railroad bridge
Restored railway station
Trail beside the Spey
Very good lunchtime pub stop
Modern distillery
Wild flowers in the forest
Steep steps to street of our B&B!

10 thoughts on “Speyside Way”

  1. Stupendous photos! Love the people pictures. Isn’t Scotland beautiful. Thanks for taking me along.


  2. Wonderful photos! You’ve been incredibly lucky with the weather. I hope I ll be able to say the same when I’m there next month.

  3. so pleased to be following your footsteps.. and the photos really are wonderful…

  4. Hallo Inge en Roy,
    Mooie foto’s en t weer ziet er idd heel goed uit voor de meimaand in Schotland. Jammer dat het er al weer bijna opzit! We lezen jullie blogs altijd met veel plezier. De foto’s waar jullie beiden op staan vind ik ook erg leuk om te zien. Nog hele mooie dagen en veel wandelplezier! En tot donderdag! XXX
    Lieve groeten Gerard en Cora

  5. Sad to hear that you are almost done. I have loved knowing that you two are out on an adventure and look forward to your posts and pictures. These ones are so amazing in composition. Great plays on textures and light. Love, love the one of you both xo

  6. Glad to see that there are wild flowers and scotch makers! Must be warming up a bit for you now. Looks lovely!
    Barb & Dennis (on Pender Is)

  7. a wee dram of the golden nectar in the home of it’s origins must be sweet indeed. lovely photos and descry.
    hope the last few days are wonderful

  8. What do you mean “grumpy”…….thats a national characteristic .You try walking in a wet kilt for six days and then see who is grumpy.
    You have inspired KATE and I to give the Speyside trail a go ,so keep your maps and info for us.

  9. Great photos again. Also I’m impressed that, Roy, you’ve worn the tips of your new poles down already.

    Dave P

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