Springbrook Park Walk

Time is flying by and I’ve been too busy having fun to post very munch.

Here are some photos from a forest (bush they call it here) walk in Springbrook National Park, about an hour drive inland from the Gold Coast. This bush area is on a plateau. Very lush and full of the sounds of birds and insects.

20121218-181247.jpgLooking towards the coast from the plateau. The ocean and the high-rise towers at Surfers Paradise are just visible through the haze.

20121218-181413.jpgWe did the falls walk

20121218-181511.jpgDense forest which creates a canopy

20121218-181622.jpgGreat waterfalls


20121218-181810.jpgTrail going behind a waterfall



Besides the bush walking, we’ve been in the ocean a few times and I’ve discovered how much I love it. Warm water and lots of surf. Needless to say, we are enjoying the trip.

6 thoughts on “Springbrook Park Walk”

  1. Merry Christmas Roy and Inge…well…it’s really Happy New Year as Christmas has passed. This looks gorgeous!!!!!! See you on your return and will wait for all your great stories.
    Love Colleen

  2. I know you are just putting a brave face on. Deep down you must be missing the snow, rain and high winds of home.

  3. Hi guys,

    It looks familiar and we are glad you like it. Have a great (warm) Christmas !

  4. Wauwww Nice pics and warm weather Great That You two enjoy so much 🙂
    It’s strange to see THE Christmas tree in THE shoppincenter in THE sunlight
    We love to see your foto’s The one with THE trail behind THE waterfall So nice Little niagra Was there a snake in THE bushes?
    Xxxxxx Cora en Gerard

  5. The best of all worlds – oceans and bush walks!! Love following your trip, with photos as they happen!! Thanks…

  6. Oh my, I’ve not seen many pictures of Australia such as these. Such lovely country. Inge, you warmed me up just seeing you in shorts and a tank top. All I did outside today was go out on the deck to feed the birds. It’s -22 right now. It was a beautiful, clear sunny day though.
    Love hearing about your adventures.

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