Stage 12: Final stop: Auckland

rangitoto-islandRangitoto Island, near Auckland. The final three days of our trip we spent with our friends Mike and Liz sightseeing around Auckland.

We took the ferry to Rangitoto Island, a (dormant) volcanic island and walked up to the top (approximately 45 minutes). This picture is taken from the island and shows Devonport (where we caught the ferry) and Takapuna;in the background, downtown Auckland.

liz-inge-royLiz, Inge and Roy at the lookout at the top of Rangitoto. Mike had just bought a new digital camera, the same one that Roy has, so the fine art of digital photography was discussed at length those last few days.

liz-inge-muffin-crumbsWe were trying to get the birds to pose for a picture using muffin crumbs to lure them. The crumbs kept falling between the planks of the lookout, not quite the plan. We didn’t get a good picture, but the attempts provided a good laugh.
mike-lizOur friends Mike and Liz at the top of Rangitoto.
ing-roy-breakfastOur last day in New Zealand: breakfast by the pool, dinner by the pool, good friends and fun…we were going to miss it.
050219_d70_0911Another breakfast picture including Katie and Phoebe.

packing-bikesPacking the bikes — Getting ready to go. Mike and Roy prepare and wrap the bikes. A few hours later the shuttle took us to the airport.