Stage 7: Dunedin and Return to Auckland

otago-peninsula-bus-shelterJanuary 15, 2005 We spent two days in Dunedin. On the second day we climbed back on our bikes and explored the Otago peninsula. This is one of the many bus shelters with its unique mural that we saw along the road.

otago-peninsula-lowtideBoat at low tide on the peninsula.

otago-peninsula-inletLooking back from the end of the Otago Peninsula, down the inlet toward Dunedin. Once you’re well onto the Peninsula, which is about 25 kilometers long, you feel far from the city hustle and bustle of Dunedin.
duneding-hostel-leavingJanuary 16, 2005 Early Sunday morning, preparing to load our belongings onto the shuttle bus to the airport. Dunedin isn’t a large city and we had figured we’d just hop on our bikes and ride to the airport. Then we discovered that the airport was 27km from the town centre and can only be reached via highways on which they don’t allow bikes. So we switched to plan B and arranged a shuttle.

poolSame day, a few hours later, after a smooth and uneventful two hour flight from Dunedin to Auckland. Summer had reached Auckland. Here we are, relaxing by the pool with friends.