Beluno Italy to Mont-Dauphin France (photos added)

Hello from France. We are in Mont-Dauphin and tomorrow we start our hike in the Queras area. We enjoyed our short stay in Beluno. It was relaxing and we did chores such as laundry and waxing our hiking boots as well as wandering the town, watching the passing scene and enjoying good food. A good … more

Dolomites days 8 and 9

Day 8 (Aug 4) Rif Vassoler to rif Pramperet A long day, about nine hours walking, ten hours including breaks. Much of it was well away from easy car access so we encountered few day hikers and felt pleasantly isolated. Lots of climbing and descending, some forest and several long stretches across scree slopes. Good … more

Dolomites days 6 and 7

Day 6 (Aug 2) Rif Cità di Fiume to rif Coldai More good weather. We said goodbye to two German guys we came to know over the last few days. They were walking on a bit further for that night and ending their walk the next day. The majority of multi-day hikers on the AV1 … more

Dolomites days 4 and 5

Day 4 (july 31) Rif Lagazuoi to rif Scoiattoli Not as good a day. A good start with clear sunny weather and a terrific view from rifugio Lagazuoi. The path for the day goes east along the side of the valley the rifugio sits above, then drops to cross to the other side of the … more

In Beluno

We are in Beluno after our Dolomites hike. We haven’t had internet for a few days and what we have here at the hotel is too slow on uploads to post much. It was a very good hike and I’ll try to get something from the hike posted on the blog before we start the … more