The North Sea Cycle Route in context

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Our route this summer, North Sea Cycle Route, is also know as the EuroVelo 12. It is one of 14 long-distance cycling routes established by the EU and the European Cycling Federation. The network totals about 70,000km. Click on the map to see it on the EuroVelo site and check out the EV home page for more information about the routes.

130613_NEX6_01197-2Two years ago we followed part of the EV 6 along the Danube from Vienna to Ulm.

We’d like to go back to do all the EV 6, from Nantes in France to the Black Sea and on to Istanbul. The EV 8 along the Mediterranean is also inspiring.

4 thoughts on “The North Sea Cycle Route in context”

  1. Wij zijn vanaf 7 mei in Kortgene, Zeeland.
    Wellicht is er een mogelijkheid om jullie te ontmoeten.
    Wij zijn op NCC-camping de Zandkreek in Kortgene.
    adres: Oostbermweg 2, 4484SR
    Wij zullen in elk geval jullie reisverslagen volgen.
    Heel veel plezier.
    Hartelijke groeten,
    Joop en Rina

  2. Yes, what an ambitious undertaking. Can hardly wait to read your posts and see your photos. The map shows part of the route as “Unrealized.” What do you do there?

    • It is bike-route-planner-speak for “not finished.”

      The EV routes, where possible, use existing national or regional bicycle routes. That way all that needs to be done is add EV route signs (or “signage” in planner-speak) to a route that is already established and probably well marked.

      The “unrealized” sections have been planned but may have no signs or official bike route status.

      Unlike the EV 6, a more established route, there is no paper map that I know of for the EV 12. We have a detailed digital version of the route on our iPhones and iPads, plus maps and GPS software that work anywhere, without any cell phone connection. We may get lost, but we won’t be lost for long.

      Also, I’ve overcome the “guy” thing and ask for directions when needed from anyone in sight.

      We’ll do fine in the unrealized sections, although in any section it isn’t always easy to realize you’re lost until you’re quite lost. Human nature is to try to make sense of things and only look for another plan when you’re really lost.

  3. Now that is ambitious. And sounds like great fun. Good luck to you both.

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