Hello from France.

Very relaxed trip here on the old steam powered ferry in the photo. It was built in 1915 – 1920 and has been beautifully restored.

We arrived about 1:00 and in a few hours had our mobile phones set up with French numbers, enjoyed a good lunch and got most of the logistics for our walk tomorrow sorted out.

Our hotel for tonight is near the railway station which is the official starting point of the GR5. Walking back to the hotel from the town center this afternoon we saw a few red and white GR5 trail markers which was exciting.

France has a different feel from Switzerland, a bit more relaxed, and it comes at a much lower price. We enjoyed Geneva, but it was very expensive.

Tomorrow we start walking. Inge injured a toe a few days ago. It is healing well but we are worried that it may not be fully recovered.

Weather looks good and it will feel good to get the packs on.



Posting from an iPhone is proving to be messy. Apple would like the world to think that an iPhone and especially an iPad (they both run the same software) are real computers. Not so. They do not run flash and stumble with java. One attempted edit turned this post into a mess. I can hack some HTML and managed to fix it, but it was an ugly and needless effort. I love the iPhone but am only slowly learning the limitations. So please excuse some errors as they are just a huge hassle to fix.


Inge really is here with me, but when it comes to posting on the bog, she has stage fright. Email her, tell her to get thumbs a-typing on that little screen. -;)

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