To Denmark, days 57 to 62

Wednesday, July 8 to Monday, July 13

We’re on a ferry from Sweden to Denmark today, the first day of our third month. Our week in Sweden has gone by quickly.

The area north of Gothenburg was much like Norway—not many people, small towns, many ferries, hilly. One day began with three ferry rides in the first 20km. Signs for the bike route were few, almost a curiosity, making route finding tedious at times. Bike lanes were equally rare. That changed dramatically as we approached Gothenburg; suddenly signs marking bike routes were plentiful and the major roads had wide separated bike/pedestian paths running along side. On the last stretch into Gothenburg riding beside the E6 motorway we were faster than the congested afternoon traffic, and in an area north of the city with massive new construction we found well marked bike path detours (and even figured out which one to take despite everything being only in Swedish).

Gothenburg is Sweden’s second largest city, home to Volvo, Hasselblad, and other large firms. It is touristy but pleasant. We spent an extra day there. It We had good weather and went to both the design museum and the art gallery. Great exhibition of photography in the Hasselblad Galley section of the art gallery, and as we both love modern design, the design museum was a treat. Much of the city is modern, but there are still many old buildings. The city sprawls but has a compact centre which is liveable and cultured with parks, good transit, sculpture, an opera house, a concert hall, a theatre and many outdoor restaurants and cafés. For some reason, we took no photos in Gothenburg.

Yesterday, our last full day Sweden, we rode from Gothenburg to Varberg. The day began wet, but then cleared. The terrain was flat and there was little wind. It was one of the best cycling days we’ve had recently—long stretches where you could settle into a rhythm and let the kms glide by. Route finding was again difficult, but this time because there were signs for so many bike routes, some routes part of the North Sea Route, some not, but we found our way with only a few wrong turns.

Varberg is in a popular vacation area. It is pretty and historic with a large fortress, a park and a long ocean-side trail.

Some photos:

5 thoughts on “To Denmark, days 57 to 62”

  1. Very interesting reading. You could write a book about “Ferries we have known!”
    Before long you will be back in Holland with lots of adventures to talk about. Quite an achievement.


  2. Aren’t those rock carvings interesting. Very cool. I really like the roofs and rocks photo too. Well, they’re all wonderful, of course. It’s very cool to see how the architecture differs from country to country. I’m loving travelling with you two. Thanks for having me along.


  3. Happy to hear that your trip is going well. Hope the weather continues to cooperate.

  4. Interesting that you took no photos in Gothenburg. Too much art? No Hasselblad?

    • Good questions.

      I think it was the mix of new and old. Old and new could have been the subject of a good study, but this is a cycling trip, not a photo trip. I’m shooting quick documentary photos rather than exploring and being creative. I found it hard to isolate subjects.

      Certainly not Hasselblad intimidation. I have a great little camera with me.

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