To Turkey

2013-05-03 Friday


At 35000 feet headed to Amsterdam. Somewhere below me in the baggage hold my bicycle should be stowed along with my panniers. They are checked through to Izmir Turkey; I don’t have to deal with them on my overnight stop in Istanbul.

It has been a smooth day so far. I didn’t expect that KLM would check the bike all the way. The flight from Istanbul to Izmir, while purchased on the same ticket from KLM, is on a Turkish airline and I have a one night stopover in Istanbul.

I even have an empty seat beside me and an interesting guy in the next seat.

Discovered that Teis, a Dutch friend of ours, is on the same flight. He’s going to Amsterdam.

KLM has become a favourite airline: good service, good computer systems, one of the few non-stop services from Vancouver to Europe, competitive fares, modern aircraft (Boeing 777), good legroom in economy, even the food is decent. Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport is efficient, has a major railway station, and KLM has good connections to everywhere in Europe.

My concern is the one hour connection in Amsterdam. I hope the bike makes it onto the flight to Istanbul.

2013-05-05 Sunday

In Selçuk, Turkey, our starting point for the ride. The bike and bags arrived, safe and sound, although the bike box showed considerable signs of wear.

Istanbul was busy and interesting but it was only a one evening visit. I stayed in a small hotel near Taksim square, walked through the busy streets for a few hours, had dinner and slept well. Sunday a short flight to Ismir and a bus ride here. Everyone was very helpful.

Sunday I met the group and we did a sort ride to the beach. The bike worked well.

2013-05-06 Monday, Selçuk

A short ride this morning, just a warmup, but a fairly steep climb to a small nearby town with a market.

Afternoon was a guided tour of the ruins of Ephesus, at one time a city of 250,000 people.

20130506-184903.jpgStreet full of restaurants in Istanbul

20130506-185045.jpgBike after unboxing and assembly in the square where the bus dropped me in Selçuk. Box is travel worn, but the bike is fine.

20130506-185107.jpgLibrary at Ephesus

20130506-213534.jpgHillside houses