VdF Days 15 to 18

May 15 to Foligno
May 16 to Spoleto
May 17 to Macenano
May 18 to Piediluco

Four days of smaller towns and walking in the countryside. Except for a hot afternoon walking on asphalt into Spoleto, most of it has been lovely. Small towns perched on hilltops, walking in and over hills, and in deep valleys. It is a lovely area. It is surprising how remote the hills feel—large empty forests, ruins of old towns now abandoned, trails that were once ancient roads now becoming overgrown, no one else there. Something you can only experience on foot.

In Foligno I said goodbye to Georg and Sonja, the Austrian couple I have walked and shared some good meals with in the last few days. Other than two Germans, I haven’t seen anyone else on the pilgrim route since. The walk from Assisi to Rome doesn’t seem as popular as the walk to Assisi.

Some photos:

5 thoughts on “VdF Days 15 to 18”

  1. Dear Roy!

    We arrived at home yesterday evening,because we spent one night for relaxing at the seaside in the upper adriatic sea (caorle).
    As we told you, we finished our way a few miles before spoleto and we went back to Arezzo by train, where we left our car at the beginning of our trip.
    But when we looked for our car, it wasn´t there. It had been towed away – The day we stayed in Assisi the stage of the Giro d´Italia started in Foligno, passed Assisi and had its finish in Arezzo.
    And they took our parking for their cars!!! Now we have got an official fine for parking violation due to the Giro d´Italia.
    But finally we were happy that we got back our car and it hadn´t been stolen – Italy …..)
    So dear Roy, we wish you and your wife the very best for the rest of your trip
    Sonja and Georg

  2. Lots of time for reflection on those less busy routes, Roy. It’s good to have some quiet time mixed in with social time when you’re walking, don’t you think? Beautiful photos as usual.


  3. What a beautiful landscape to walk through. Your photos show it off very well. Glad that the walk is going well for you.

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