VdF Days 19 and 20. Five days to Rome

May 19 to Poggio Bustone
May 20 to Rieti

Thursday, May 19, was a harder day with a lot of climbing and some heavy rain. The route climbed up through the lovely hilltop town of Labro to Faggio San Francisco, a place where legend has it that St. Francis, while walking in the mountains, was caught in a violent storm and was protected by a beech tree that gathered its branches together and protected him. Yes, a long climb to see a tree, one of the oldest living trees in the world, and a little chapel. A pleasant walk.

The irony of the day is that as I walked a huge thunderstorm was brewing behind me. Black skies and crackling thunder overhead for the last two hours of the climb. The storm hit just as I arrived where St. Francis took shelter. Although I did take refuge from the pounding rain under a beech tree, it didn’t turn itself into an umbrella. A day when I was happy to have my GoreTex.

Friday was wet in the morning, but cleared by the afternoon. The highlight was the hill town of Cantalice. When I arrived at the church it was locked but the caretaker noticed me and asked if I wanted to go in. He unlocked the door with a huge key and gave me a little tour. Two German hikers I’d talked to earlier came in a few minutes later. Shortly after leaving the church I had a brief chat with an Italian guy who told me he had a relative in Toronto. I said I live in Vancouver. He asked how many km from Toronto to Vancouver. Quattro mille I said. He frowned and shook his head. Quattro cento he said, thinking I confused mille and cento. No, quattro mille. He was astonished.

Friday’s walk ended in Rieti, a town of 50,000. The largest town for a few days.

I’m now five days and 110 km from Rome.

A few photos, not many due to rain:

4 thoughts on “VdF Days 19 and 20. Five days to Rome”

  1. So since the Beech tree didn’t comply, we can’t call you St. Roy of Kits?

  2. It sounds like a good experience in spite of the rain. Italy is so lovely, it makes me envious. It is fun to be able to read both you and Inge’s adventures from different places. You will have a good time sharing the experiences when you hook up again.

    Victoria is reasonably lovely at this time of year but not nearly as charming.


  3. Hi Roy, Yes, thank goodness for Gortex. I love the way the villages nestle themselves up and into the hills. The churches are amazingly ornate. Hope you have an easy time of it in the last 100 kms of your walk.


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