VdF Days 21 to 25, Rome

May 21 Rieti to Poggio San Lorenzo
May 22 Poggio San Lorenzo to Ponticelli
May 23 Ponticelli to Monterotondo
May 24 Monterotondo to Monte Sacro (a suburb of Rome)
May 25, Wednesday, Rome and Vatican City

Five days of mostly rural walking in good weather, up and down over green hills, and nights in pretty towns. Wednesday I arrived in Rome after about 520 km of very good walking.

I recommend this pilgrimage. The countryside is lovely and the people are extremely friendly. Keep in mind that it is very different from the Camino Frances in Spain—much harder, route finding can be difficult, and depending on how many people are walking, it can involve long periods of solitude.

Rome is busy with tourists. I’m not really a city guy when I travel. My stay in Rome will be short.

It took three tries to get my certificate of completion at the Vatican. I arrived on a Wednesday to discover that the office is closed on Wednesday. Took an hour of asking to find the right gate only to have the Swiss Guards send me away. Tried on Thursday only to discover that due to a special event the office was closed again. On Friday the gurads directed me to the security office, I got a security pass and a few minutes later had my certificate. End of the Journey. Have the T shirt.

Tomorrow, Saturday, I head to Tuscany by train for a visit to Lucca, then some hiking in the Apennine Mountains.

A few photos from the last few days of the walk:

7 thoughts on “VdF Days 21 to 25, Rome”

  1. Congratulations Roy. An other paper for on the wall.
    Pretty soon no wall paper needed any longer

  2. Congratulations for sure, Roy. Well done. Gee, Italy is certainly beautiful. I love the hills of olive trees and the ancient stone ruins. Your photos really tell a fabulous story.


  3. Thanking for sharing your pilgrimage. It was lovely to be in Italy….and the weather looked better than when you cycled in England/Scotland last year.
    Enjoy Tuscany and Lucca. I look forward to more pix.

  4. Congratulations, Roy – well done!
    Here’s a Google translation (such as it is) of your certificate:

    ” evidence accomplished pilgrimage to the tombs of Peter

    to understand this patriarchal basilica of St Peter the Apostle in the body is built to the glory of God and the honor of St Peter the Apostle said

    dom smythimus ronaldo regium
    piety and pilgrimage by visiting it in the Vatican ”


  5. Good for you Roy – congratulations! Your photos are just great. Looking forward to hearing more about this trip for sure. Travel safe. Randy

  6. Your trip looks awesome! I want to do it! Now whether to learn Italian first…

    I love the photos, especially the one of the Swiss Guard and your credentials.

    Congratulations on having the patience to get your completion certificate. I think I would have bailed after the first try.

    Looking forward to reading about the rest of your trip.

  7. Well done Roy! Your photos make me envious – and now you’ll head back to Lucca, one of our favourite places from our trip. Congratulations! K & M

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