VdF Days 8 to 11

May 8 to Sansepolcro
May 9 to Cita di Castello (Umbria)
May 10 to Pietralunga
May 11 to Gubbio

Four days of walking in the countryside of Tuscany and now I am in Umbria. These have been longer days, each in excess of 25km and hilly. One day of 33km with 1100m up. The weather has been mostly good with only a little rain.

Met a couple from Bellingham Washington (just a short distance from Vancouver), but other than them, no English speakers. Unfortunately, they are hiking slowly and spending several nights in some towns.

Very pretty countryside and quite small towns until today in Gubbio. I should get to Assisi by Saturday and plan to take a day off.

Some photos:

5 thoughts on “VdF Days 8 to 11”

  1. Wow, these pictures make me feel home sick! If you end up in Assisi (which I think you would) you must go up to the Castello for an amazing view from the ramparts!

  2. Sounds like a few long days Roy. We remember the area well as we had friends that we visited near Sansepolcro restoring a tower in the hills. Really like Gubio too. Great photos as usual!

  3. Love the pictures, miss Tuscany. Thanks for sharing!
    Are you and Inge on a separate walk? I’m confused 🙂

  4. That looks like such a beautiful walk. Thanks for posting those pictures and inspiring us. The lady at her window is my favourite.

    Glad to hear that you will take a rest day. Those are pretty long days you are putting in, and I bet that Assisi is a great place to spend a day.

    Happy walking!

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