VdF Passo della Consuma to Stia to Camaldoli

Tuesday May 3, to Stia

A sunny day, mostly in forest. 17km, only 500m up, and a 1000m down.

Like Florence, Stia is on the Arno river, but here, much higher, the river is narrow and flowing quickly. Stia is a lovely town.

Didn’t take many photos walking through forest. A lot of logging activity. In the silence of the rural forest you realize how loud chainsaws are and how far the sound carries. Kept humming The hills are alive with the sound of chainsaws…

Wednesday May 4, to Camaldoli

A sunny but harder day with steep climbing and some steep descents. The route went up to about 1200m. I think that is the maximum on this walk. Glad to have my hiking poles for the steep ups and downs. Camaldoli is a small village. Only a week ago the little hotel got wifi via satellite working.

4 thoughts on “VdF Passo della Consuma to Stia to Camaldoli”

  1. Peregrination was a new one for me too. makes me think of falcons and a particular South Island vineyard , I don’t think that’s what it means somehow. Looks like you are having a good one anyway! Keep the good pics coming.

  2. well, I had to look up the meaning of peregrination – its my new word to casually drop in to conversations….I hope I’m not embarrassed to find out that everyone else already knew what it meant!

  3. It’s so nice to “walk” with you…and Inge. The pix are a wonderful way to start my day. As an official pilgrim you can legitimately pray for good weather.

  4. I love the looks of that cabin. And your forest trail. Sorry about the chainsaws…

    Glad to see you are getting some sunny weather.

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