Vienna to the Netherlands 1

Our first day cycling together along the Danube. We used the cycling route on the south side of the river for the day. It has been cleaned up and except for about 50 m, was easy to ride. The short part still under water had a paved path as a detour. We did 106 km today in warm mostly sunny weather; Inge did well for a first day, still adjusting to the time change.

This a beautiful part of the Danube with hills on both sides, vineyards, castles and small towns. The path is flat and often right by the river but it also moves away and goes through fields and towns.




3 thoughts on “Vienna to the Netherlands 1”

  1. Hi Inge, Hi Roy,
    how are you doing? I see you put your plan into action and do the cycling adventure. It has been almost a year since my brother and I met you in the Dolomites. A lot of things have happened since then. I will actually start a new job on July 1st near Mannheim. That is probably not part of your travel route, but how close will you get? I would love to meet you guys for a coffee on your route and have a chat. Just let me know and I will try to arrange it.
    Cheers Matthias

    • Good to hear from you!

      We will go through Mannheim. After the Danube to Donauworth, we plan to take the train to Stuttgart, then ride the Neckar route to the Rhine and then on to the Netherlands. I am not sure what date we will get to the Mannheim, but we can update by email and SMS.

      My mobile is +31 6 10 42 95 25 .

      I hope we can meet.

  2. Good luck and be careful. Inge amazing you can go for more then 100 kilometers a day??? Woh. In Holland it is cold and rainy so go slowly and bring some sunshine with you both. Greetings Fredie

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