Vienna to the Netherlands 3

We are in Germany, last night in Passau and tonight in Bogen.

Passau is a lovely city at the junction of three rivers: the Danube, the Inn and the Ilz. Because so much water comes into the Danube at one point, Passau suffered terrible flooding three weeks ago. Near the river the water rose more than 3 m (10 feet) above street level, filling basements, submerging the ground floor of buildings and flooding the floor above. The cleanup in three weeks is remarkable. Many businesses near the river are closed, but many are open already. The street level floor of the small pension we stayed in was a mess of walls being torn out, but upstairs the business was running.

The section between Passau and Vienna is the most popular part of the Danube cycle path and for good reason: it is dramatic with steep hills and bends in the river, and there are pretty towns along the way. It makes an easy one week bike trip with an interesting city at each end. Now that we are beyond that section, the number of cyclists has dropped and the path is less developed.

Inge should have birthdays more often. Today we had some sunshine, no rain and no headwind.


Flooding. The high water mark is visible on the left.

Previous floods and the mark from this one, highest of all.

A narrow street in Passau

Town hall in Bogen

5 thoughts on “Vienna to the Netherlands 3”

  1. Happy birthday to Inge. I feel like I’m one getting the presents being able to follow this adventure, both in print and in pictures.

    Thanks for this blog.


  2. So enjoying reading your posts – pictures say so much… the flood chart on the side of the building is a very positive way of looking at things! And, thinking of you at your birthday Inge, as we celebrate so many in June – spoke to Heather the other night on the eve of hers too! Enjoy your time… Just another week until I meet Kaye in London, and we continue touring Ireland!

  3. Hi Inge and Roy,
    At first Happy Birthday to you Inge 🙂 xxx big hug from us.
    We love your pictures Roy. Germany is a beautiful country.
    The narrow streets and the old pavements makes you go back in time.
    You have to stop when you see Imbiss, there you can eat Bratwurst.
    We love to eat them when we’re there. Enjoy, and have a great cycling
    onwards to the Netherlands. Hope the weather gets better .
    We are getting ready to go to France now, we’ll see you soon xxx

  4. Passau looks great but the flood level looks horrendous. Happy Birthday to Inge and Liz had her birthday yesterday too. We are in Adelaide but celebrated with some friends here so had a good time of it. Tomorrow we fly to Melbourne to stay with Steve and Irene for a couple of days before heading home. I hope the weather stays good for you guys…happy cycling!


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